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How to properly discuss alimony problems with your former spouse

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2019 | Alimony

Alimony might not be an easy subject for you and your former spouse. It’s possible that the two of you do not agree on the amount being paid, even though it was determined by the court. You might think it’s too low and your former spouse, who is making the payments, might think it is too high. Either way, you need to know how to properly discuss alimony problems with your former spouse.

If you believe that the alimony payments you are receiving are too little, you can speak to your former spouse about your concern. Your former spouse likely won’t take any action on their own as they will more than likely wait for a judge to issue a change in the alimony order.

When you want to discuss concerns with alimony with your former spouse, be sure to do so away from your children and anyone else not involved. No one needs to know your business. This means the conversation should happen during a private phone call or if you can meet in-person.

Have the alimony payments stopped unexpectedly? If so, calmly speak to your former spouse about what happened. They might have endured an unexpected expense. Ask them first what is going on before threatening to speak to the court about the missing payments. This might solve a lot of problems.

Discussions of alimony can be stressful and easily anger you and your former spouse. That’s why you should never discuss problems with alimony in front of your children. This can lead to them having undue stress and other worries that children should not have.