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West Palm Beach Divorce Lawyer

Divorce can be a tumultuous time. Retaining a lawyer who is experienced in family law can improve life today and in years to come.

I am attorney Jonathan D. Wald. Through my West Palm Beach, Florida, law practice, I handle my clients’ contested or uncontested divorces, assist with their alimony and child support concerns, and guide them in negotiating for child custody arrangements.

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Competent Divorce Representation, No Matter How Simple or Complex the Case

As an attorney, I can assist any client with a variety of divorce-related matters, including:

  • Uncontested divorce. If a client does not have children and his/her marital assets are fairly simple, I can assist him/her in pursuing an uncontested divorce that – if the other spouse agrees – can proceed cleanly and quickly once required paperwork is filed.
  • Contested divorce. A contested divorce is what happens when a divorce action goes to mediation or trial. Usually, this happens when divorcing spouses share fundamental disagreements about important issues such as division of assets, child custody, child support and spousal support.
  • Collaborative divorce. When attorneys for divorcing spouses (and the divorcing spouses themselves) collaborate to resolve important financial and child-related issues.

I advise anyone who is thinking of filing for a Florida divorce, has been served with Florida divorce papers, or is living in the aftermath of a divorce, to seek legal representation.

A Skilled Negotiator and a Certified Florida Mediator

“My experience as a Florida mediator allows me to see all sides of any family law issue. This insight can translate into a favorable negotiations or court decisions for my clients.” – Attorney Jonathan D. Wald

I am a licensed mediator who accepts referrals from other attorneys in helping divorcing couples reach mutually acceptable terms. I can represent any family law client effectively in negotiations and in court. I am particularly adept in handling divorces that feature complex issues of business determinations and asset values.

Although most divorces are settled peaceably through negotiation, it is important to retain a skilled trial lawyer like me to ensure that one gets the best possible result, whether a divorce is uncontested and simple, or contested and involving high-value assets and business interests.

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My goal is to help my clients keep as much of their money, property and visitation rights as possible so they can move on with lives in the aftermath of divorce.

For more information, or an initial consultation with an attorney, call my law office in West Palm Beach, Florida, at 561-328-0718.