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Getting the Spousal Maintenance Terms Clients Need | West Palm Beach Alimony Lawyer

When spouses divorce, a divorce court may order one spouse to pay the other monthly support payments. Today, this support is legally called “spousal support.” It is also known by its older name – “alimony.”

I am attorney Jonathan D. Wald, a West Palm Beach, Florida, spousal support attorney. At my law firm, I help my clients resolve spousal support issues, whether they seek alimony payments, wish to avoid making payments or need to modify the amounts they pay after significant economic changes in their lives.

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Florida Spousal Support Factors

Unless divorcing or separating spouses settle their differences out of court, a judge will typically determine whether spousal support payments are needed. The amount of spousal support that a judge grants to a party will be affected by any perceived financial disparities between spouses. In other words, what is important is which spouse makes most money and which spouse has the greatest need.

For instance, if both spouses have jobs, make similar salaries and own similar assets, a judge is unlikely to grant alimony to either spouse.

However, if one spouse has a high-paying job and owns significant assets, while the other spouse is unemployed and owns significantly lesser assets, it is likely the poorer spouse will be granted alimony.

This is especially true if the poorer spouse is raising the children, has fewer work options due to lack of job experience related to marital duties, or lacks education due to having supported the other spouse as a husband or wife.

Judges evaluate several factors when deciding whether a divorcing spouse is eligible for spousal support. Among them are the parties’ respective:

  • Ages and health
  • Current incomes and earning histories
  • Employability/employment histories
  • Health statuses
  • Marriage length and financial histories
  • Current expenses
  • Number of minor children

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My law firm uses investigators, psychologists and forensic accountants when gathering the evidence that can build my clients’ cases in either negotiations or court proceedings. I also have access to vocational rehabilitation experts who can interview my clients in an effort to gauge a former spouse’s future earning potential, which can impact a client’s alimony payments or child support payments.

Further, I am a licensed mediator who accepts referrals from other attorneys in helping divorcing couples reach mutually acceptable terms.

My goal is to help all of my clients to keep as much of their money, property and visitation rights as possible so they can start their lives anew.

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