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Child custody and relocation: Points of consideration

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2019 | Child Custody

Your divorce is in the past and you’re focused primarily on providing your children with a stable living environment. While everything is going as well as expected, you come to realize that a relocation may be in your best interest.

Maybe you’re moving to another part of your city because you want to save money on housing and living expenses. Or maybe you’re picking up and moving to another state because of a job opportunity.

Regardless of the reason for your relocation, you must consider the impact it can have on child custody and the visitation rights of your ex-spouse. Here are some things to focus on:

  • Type of custody: For example, if you have sole physical and legal custody, it’s different than if you have shared custody with your ex.
  • Distance: There’s a big difference between moving 30 miles away from your current home base and 300. With the shorter move, it may not impact the other parent’s ability to spend time with their children. But with the longer move, the distance will almost always come into play.
  • Do you want to take your children with you? If you currently have physical custody of your children, it’s likely that you want them to move with you. However, consider the impact including changes to their personal life and the relationship with their other parent.

There are laws in place to help govern every situation involving parental relocation post-divorce. As you learn more about the laws and your legal rights, you can make a decision that makes good sense for all parties involved.