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February 2017 Archives

What types of Florida child custody exist?

Did you know that there is more than one type of living arrangement for kids whose parents have been divorced? Child custody looks different for different Florida families, based on the physical, financial and other needs of their members. Today, we will talk about the two main types of child custody that you may seek after your divorce.

How Florida mortgages can be a headache during property division

Florida couples who are divorcing and dealing with splitting up a home should take care when they make arrangements for their mortgage. Property division is a tricky subject, and it can be even more difficult when it comes to real estate and other complicated holdings. In many instances, financial institutions are bound by laws that may trump your divorce decree, so it is important that you know exactly what your legal rights look like before you hand over any property obtained during the marriage.

Women: Do not lose out during property division

Going through a divorce is never a pleasant prospect. The idea of enduring a Florida divorce is only made worse if a complicated property division process is anticipated. Women who are concerned about their legal rights to joint property need the help of qualified attorneys to help assure the equitable division that is mandated in Florida courts. Too often, women lose out in the divorce because men hide assets or manipulate the process in their favor. Stop that from happening by taking some concrete steps to protect your rights to marital property.

Jurisdiction matters for property division in Florida

If you are looking to divorce, it is important to remember that the location in which you file has a significant impact on the way in which your property will be split up. Florida residents should know that property division is largely dependent upon the jurisdiction in which the divorce occurs. Courts in different states may have entirely different rules about even the most simple property division -- so it pays to choose wisely, right from the start.

Why DIY alimony modification is a bad idea

Have you been thinking about seeking modification of your spousal support payments in Florida? As many of us know, alimony is almost a living thing -- needs and requirements change, and so the spousal support program must change with them. Your personal situation could justify a change to your alimony payments, particularly if you are at risk of failure to pay alimony because of an unfortunate life event.

After affair and lost $11 million, wife decides to sue

A man and a woman in Florida had been married for five and a half decades. However, that all fell apart recently when the woman discovered that her husband had been having an affair with another woman. It was a long-term relationship, and it was so serious that reports claim they'd been planning to get married for more than a decade.

Father seeks child custody for son born to a married woman

A Florida man is struggling to regain custody of his son by challenging a state law that he sees as unfair. The man is the biological father of the boy whose mother was married to someone else at the time of his birth. Under Florida law, child custody rules name the husband as the child's "father," even if he is not biologically related. This is the second father to recently speak out about these shortcomings in the Florida law, which unfairly prioritizes those children who are considered born in "legitimate" relationships, according to the man's attorneys.

How can someone be forced to pay child support?

Theoretically, if your ex was ordered to pay you child support, it means you'll get monthly help buying things for your child and paying bills that relate to him or her. While this money shouldn't be used as your own income, it does help to stretch what you earn a lot farther because you only have to cover half of the costs on your own.

Modern Methods To Make A Family Under Dispute

From newborns to teenagers, children of any age can find themselves put in the middle of disputes between their parents. “Modern Family” television star Sofia Vergara is the defendant in her own custody lawsuit filed on behalf of plaintiffs Emma and Isabella by her former fiancé Nick Loeb.

What Florida officials can do if child support isn't paid

Child support isn't always paid on time, and sometimes it's not paid at all. If you're supposed to be receiving it, this can be infuriating. The other parent is legally obligated to pay and you need that money; after all, the cost of raising a child doesn't go down just because you're not being properly supported.

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