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Is your spouse trying to undermine Florida divorce proceedings?

If you're currently preparing for divorce in a Florida court, you may have several critical issues on your mind. If you're a parent, then your children's best interests are an obvious concern. There are typically numerous issues to resolve, such as those involving custody agreement, visitation schedule or child support payments. Property division is also a high priority issue in most divorce cases.

Florida is an equitable property state, meaning a judge will determine how to fairly divide your marital assets, although the split may not be 50/50. If you think your spouse is trying to gain the upper hand in such proceedings, perhaps by hiding assets, you'll want to arm yourself with as much evidence as possible before stating your claim in court. There are several common signs of a hidden asset problem that may be relevant to a particular divorce case.

Open a college savings fund using child support

If you recently filed for divorce from your spouse in West Palm Beach and you have children, you are likely wondering what you can do with any child support you receive. Child support can be used for just about anything when it comes to your child, including opening a college savings fund in their name.

Are you worried about being able to pay for your child to attend college when the time comes? Do you worry that the other parent will not help out? If so, it's time to invest in your child's future. You can do so by opening a 529 account. This is an account that is dedicated solely to the education of your child.

The benefits of an appraiser when filing for divorce

An appraiser can wind up being a big help if you file for divorce in West Palm Beach, Florida. You should never go through a divorce without the help of an appraiser. It's likely your divorce attorney will recommend the same because an appraiser will be able to provide you with the value of your home and other assets to your name.

The biggest benefit of using an appraiser while going through your divorce is that the appraiser is completely unbiased. The appraiser should not have any connection to you or your spouse, so make sure you don't pick a family member or friend who works as an appraiser. This will help determine a fair market value for the home and a price for the listing.

How to report alimony on your taxes

Receiving alimony is an important part of getting divorced, especially if you need it to pay for your insurance, rent, basic necessities and other items. It's also important that you properly report the alimony you receive on your annual tax return. Today, we will discuss how you can report alimony using a 1040 when you file your tax return in West Palm Beach.

The only way you can report alimony on your taxes is if your divorce was finalized on Dec. 31, 2018, or prior because of the new tax laws that went into effect on Jan. 1, 2019. The new laws do not allow the payer to deduct the alimony paid and does not require the recipient to claim the payments as income.

The benefits and drawbacks of virtual visitation

One of the most popular new methods of communicating with children in a child custody arrangement is the method known as virtual visitation. This is when either of the non-custodial parents uses technology to speak to or spend time with their children when they cannot be physically present. The courts don't want this method to become a replacement for physical interactions. Let's take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of virtual visitation in today's post.

One of the biggest benefits of virtual visitation is that it makes the children readily available for communication even when the parent is not in the same town or state. Parents will be able to accomplish any of the following when virtual visitation is permitted by the court to be added to the child custody agreement:

  • See a missing tooth
  • Watch a sporting event, recital, concert or play
  • Help the child with their homework
  • Aid in the construction of a project
  • Take part in the nightly routine for bedtime
  • Read a story or sing a song
  • Talk about their day at school or at camp

Avoid unnecessary spending during divorce proceedings

Going through a divorce is hard, even if this is your second or subsequent divorce. It is a painstaking process that can cause a lot of stress, worry, frustration and anger. Many people want to rush through it to get it over with. However, the quicker you try to get through a divorce, the more likely it is that you will not get what you want. One important thing to remember when getting divorced is to stop any unnecessary spending during the proceedings.

One of the smartest things you can do while going through a divorce is to stop spending money freely. You need to become financially responsible as much as you can. Continue to pay your bills, make mortgage or rent payments, pay your children's tuition and handle any other expenses you have. You cannot just stop paying the bills because you are going through a divorce.

Deciding whether mediation is working

If you have read articles or heard from others about the benefits of divorcing through mediation, you may have been optimistic that your divorce could have the same positive dissolution. Mediation is growing in popularity because more couples are realizing they do not have to drag their conflicts through the court system, but can resolve them more civilly with the help of a trained and experienced mediator.

You may have been enthusiastic about divorce mediation, but things are not going as you expected. Perhaps you are not feeling the sense of calm you hoped to have, compared to the agitation you assumed a litigated divorce would bring. Maybe the process is going much more slowly and grudgingly than you anticipated. Is it time to give up on mediation and head for court?

Reasons to request a child support modification

You are required to follow the terms of a child support agreement that has been issued by the family court. This means that you must issue payment to the other parent of your child according to the court order. If there ever comes a time when you cannot make payments, for whatever reason, it's important that you speak honestly with the other parent. Here are some reasons why you can modify a child support order.

The most common reason to modify a child support order is when the person paying the child support experiences a drop in their income. A loss of a job, a large financial loss or any other monetary problem can lead to this requested change. This also includes having to spend a lot of savings on medical care if the person paying the support becomes seriously ill.

Avoid these common mistakes in a child custody battle

Are you going through a child custody battle right now in Florida? If so, it's important for you to avoid making some common mistakes that can hurt your chances of winning the case and custody of your child. It can be difficult to share custody with the other parent, which is why you need to avoid the mistakes mentioned in today's post if you wish to be successful.

Stay off social media completely when going through a child custody battle. Social media can quickly become a place where you make comments about the other parent of your child, which you might think will never be seen. Either delete your accounts or temporarily pull them offline until the case has been decided.

Smart uses for your alimony payments

Receiving alimony payments from your former spouse in West Palm Beach can help your financial situation immensely. These payments will be made to you at a specified time and amount based on the decree provided by the court. The decree will not mandate how the money should be used by the recipient. So, here are the best ways you should use your alimony payments.

Do you still have debt following your divorce? A great use of alimony payments is to pay down as much of your debt each month as possible. The sooner you get rid of the debt, the sooner your credit score will improve, and you can take out a loan, mortgage, buy a car or acquire a student loan.

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