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May-December romance cools down and divorce heats up

It's a May-December romance where the romance is clearly over -- and the younger bride is now claiming that her older groom shouldn't be allowed to divorce her or handle his own affairs because of dementia.

She'd also like to be granted stewardship of his considerable finances, which is bringing out accusations that she is clearly a "gold digger" that cares more about her husband's bank account than she does her husband.

Halloween and child custody issues: Creative solutions

Over the last few decades, Halloween has become a bigger holiday than ever -- for many people, it kicks off the entire "holiday season." Some even prefer it to Thanksgiving or Christmas.

It's also a major sore spot for divided families who still have kids young enough to go trick-or-treating around the neighborhood or attend Halloween dress-up parties in their costumes. No parent wants to miss the opportunity to see his or her little princess dressed up as a real princess or his or her favorite little warrior decked out like a ninja on the prowl for candy.

Child support isn't just a matter of finances

Child support is often a touchy subject -- both the payer and the recipient may feel like they're getting a raw deal..

Unfortunately, those hard feelings often get transferred to the children involved. Parents who receive too little support forget that it isn't the child's fault that his or her needs exceed what the court has ordered the other parent to pay. Parents paying support, especially if they think it is too much, may be easily tempted to just write the support check and then forget about the child until the next month.

Choosing mediation could be a beneficial choice for eveyone

No matter how amicable two parties may be, every divorce can present challenges. There are many complex issues that you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse will have to address, and sometimes, it is not necessary to resort to a court battle to reach a final solution. For some Florida couples, mediation could be a good way to reach an agreement, navigate difficult issues and do all of this without stepping foot inside a courtroom. 

Mediation is a choice that is growing in popularity, but it is not the right option for everyone. Both parties must be able to discuss and negotiate issues, and while this does require mutual cooperation, it does not necessarily require both sides to get along and like each other. Before you forge ahead with a traditional divorce, it could be useful to consider the benefits of mediation.

No divorce doesn't always equal no division of property

You and your partner may have spent a significant number of years together before the romance finally ended.

However, if you never formalized the relationship, you may be in for a big surprise if you expect that you can go your separate ways without a struggle over the division of your property and assets.

Annulment's affect on property division

Annulment is an alternative to divorce. Although not widely used, it does have it's place in the law -- it nullifies a marriage that either was legally invalid from the start or voidable for some reason.

In practical terms, an annulment means a marriage never officially took place. In some cases, it is sought for religious reasons. In other cases, it's a means of protecting the property and assets of one of the people seeking the annulment.

An expensive wedding can lead to an expensive divorce

If you want to keep the romance going long after the wedding bells are done ringing, skip the ultra-expensive affair and go for a low-key wedding instead -- even if your checkbook can afford more.

Believe it or not, the whole "wedding industry" is actually a fairly recent invention. Just like the popularity of diamond engagement rings, the things that people now take for granted at weddings (signature drinks, gifts for the guests) are all the result of marketing.

Why do so many professional athletes divorce?

If you pay much attention to news about professional athletes, you probably realize that many of your favorite pros -- of any sport -- end up divorced.

There are likely some common underlying reasons for the marital discord among athletes:

  • The athlete has to focus so hard on his or her professional skills that it may leave little time to focus on a marriage.
  • There's a tremendous amount of public pressure on athletes to be at the top of their form every single game. The stress may translate into anxiety, anger, depression or other emotional problems that end up affecting their marriage.
  • Some spouses of professional athletes may not be prepared for the intrusive nature of the media into their family lives. That could create unnecessary conflict.
  • Spouses may also not be very accepting of fans who throw themselves at professional athletes -- if a spouse has any trust issues with the professional athlete, that could be an explosive issue.
  • Actual infidelity is often an issue. Athletes can be susceptible to all of the fame and adoration that goes along with being a big star -- so they sometimes opt for the fantasy fling instead of the often humdrum realities of married life.
  • The travel required by the professional athletes job may be hard on his or her family -- especially if there are young children in the mix.

4 things every parenting plan needs to address

Negotiating with your spouse after you've already split up is probably a lot worse than it was to negotiate when you were still together -- so, is it really worth sitting down to hash out a parenting plan together?

It is -- unless you want a judge to make all the decisions about your children's future. By writing your own parenting plan, you and your spouse will retain more control over your personal lives and can end up happier in the long run.

Benefits of preparing for child custody negotiations

If you and your spouse are considering divorce, you may have put a great deal of thought into the concept, especially if you have children together. The end of a marriage is often tough on kids, and you might want to protect them throughout this period, but the process can be complex.

Chances are, if divorce will be the outcome, you will likely place a great deal of importance on child custody negotiations. Reaching a custody agreement that is in the best interests of your children could be paramount to safeguarding their future.

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