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West Palm Beach Florida Family Law Blog

Exploring parental kidnapping

Parental kidnapping is a serious crime not only in Florida, but also throughout the country. It is possible for a parent to kidnap their child. This often happens in families where there is a child custody agreement in place. It also occurs when one parent decides to leave the home with their child, doesn't tell the other parent and does not return.

If you are thrown into a parental kidnapping situation, it is best for you to call 911 immediately. Law enforcement usually does not get involved in family problems, but the kidnapping of a child is different. Depending on where the child is taken, there could be multiple jurisdictions and agencies involved, including the FBI.

Reviewing child support statistics

Child support is an important part of life for millions of parents and children. These payments are ordered by the court and help custodial parents care for their children whether or not they have a job. These payments might not always be made by the person ordered to make them, which often leads to serious problems between both parents. Let's look at some child support statistics in today's post.

As of 2016 (the most recent data available), there are more than 13.4 million single parents who have custody of their children living in the United States. Close to half of these parents have some form of legal agreement in place for child support. Almost 90 percent of those legal agreements were created in a family law court or in a Title IV-D agency.

Emotion is not the only factor when remarrying your ex

A lot can happen in a short amount of time. For example, you may have been surprised at how quickly your marriage unraveled and you found yourself heading for a divorce. Whether your divorce was amicable and easily settled or you and your spouse fought for every decision, you probably had many mixed emotions when it was over.

Perhaps that is why you are considering remarrying your ex-spouse. While you may have friends or family members who are shocked or quick to discourage you, it may be comforting to know this is not an uncommon step for divorced couples to take. Nevertheless, it is not something you should do without careful thought and wise counsel.

Protecting a collection using a prenuptial agreement

Deciding that it is time to get married is exciting. It is also stressful and worrisome. Do you really know the person you are exchanging vows with? We truly don't can't know anyone and their past. That's why signing a prenuptial agreement is an important step to take prior to getting married. Here's how you can protect a beloved collection using a prenuptial agreement.

Do you have a beloved art collection? Have you been collecting rare baseball cards since childhood? Do you have a collection of Playbills that are autographed? How about rare coins? No matter the type of collection you have, it's a good idea that you protect it by including it in a prenuptial agreement.

When to request for an increase in alimony payments

As you likely already know, alimony payments will not last forever. Alimony is considered rehabilitative for one of the spouses from a marriage that has ended in divorce. The payments will only last until the recipient obtains a job or earns a degree or learns a new skill. Today, we will examine the times when you can request a change in alimony payments.

If inflation has reduced the value of your alimony payments, it's time to request an increase from your former spouse. You can also request an increase in what you receive if your former spouse has seen a substantial increase in their income due to a promotion, bonus or inheritance.

Circumstances considered when applying for parental relocation

When you are involved in a child custody arrangement, you have a legal obligation to stick to the terms of the agreement. This means that you cannot pack your bags and move to a new state with your child, even if you have custody of your child. Instead, if you need to relocate, you will need to submit a request with the local family law court.

When you have a hearing scheduled with the family law judge, you will need to present your reasons as to why you want to relocate with your child to a different state. The most commonly accepted reasons include being promoted, acquiring a new job and moving to care for a terminally ill loved one. Simply wanting to move to get away from the other parent or because you are getting married again might not suffice.

Restoring your driver's license due to child support issue

Failing to pay child support in Florida is a serious issue. Whether you are required to pay $100 per month or $600 per month, you need to make these payments on time. If you don't, the court can take various actions to make sure the money gets where it needs to go. This includes taking your tax refund check, withholding your income and placing levies on your financial accounts. The state can also suspend your driver's license.

The best way to have your license reinstated is to work with an attorney. The attorney will help you file a Motion to Contest the Driver's License Suspension. The state might allow you to pay what is known as a purge amount. This is a lump sum payment made to the recipient of the child support that shows the state you have good faith, which could lead to the reinstatement of your license.

What's going to happen to the family home in a divorce?

Moving can be difficult, especially when the move comes in the midst of a separation or divorce. These are two complicated and emotionally charged processes, and you may not be sure what your divorce will ultimately mean for your financial future. If you are facing divorce, you may want to learn more about how property division works and what it will look like in your situation.

Your house is probably the most valuable asset you and your spouse have. Maybe you want to stay in the home, or maybe you hope that you can sell it and live somewhere new. No matter what your goals may be, it will be helpful to understand how property division works and what you can expect from this process. This will help you avoid unnecessary disputes and potentially come to a reasonable out-of-court solution to your property division concerns.

How to use alimony for your child's education

Alimony payments are made monthly by one person to their former spouse based on an order issued by the court. Alimony payments will not last forever, which many recipients tend not to realize. Often, these are considered "rehabilitative" payments. They help one of the spouses from a marriage get back on their feet following a divorce. The alimony can be used for anything, including your child's education if you so choose.

One of the best ways to pay for your child's education using alimony is by opening a 529 account. This is a savings account that is not taxable if the money isn't withdrawn prior to the student reaching college. It's never too late or too early to open a 529 account for your child.

Understanding fair market value when dividing property in divorce

The fair market value of property that is going to be divided when you file for divorce is vital to the final agreement. If you fail to obtain the fair market value of any piece of property you could wind up losing out on a lot of money. Let's discuss how fair market value is calculated when dividing property in a West Palm Beach divorce case.

The first step in this process is browsing for properties in the area that are comparable to your property. This can be the marital home, the vacation home or any other piece of real estate that you and your spouse own. You will want to look at the sale records for the last six months and compare properties that are of the same size and located in similar neighborhoods.

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