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Child support and getting remarried

Going through a divorce is difficult for everyone involved, especially when you have young children. If you are receiving child support from your first marriage, and decide to get remarried, what happens? Do you continue to receive child support? Let's examine how child support is impacted by the custodial parent getting remarried in today's post.

If you are the custodial parent of the child, which means you have sole physical custody of your child, you will want to know how getting remarried will affect child support. For the most part, getting remarried will not affect the child support you are receiving.

Explaining what happens if you don't pay alimony

Being ordered to pay alimony to your former spouse is never an easy situation. You likely just want to be done with dealing with them since alimony is awarded when a couple gets divorced. It's important that you make the payments by their due date and do not fall behind on them or else you could risk your freedom and wind up being sent to a collection agency.

Refusing to pay alimony that has been ordered by the court can lead to serious problems for you and your freedom. There's a possibility that you could be held in civil contempt of court. Other times, you could be facing criminal contempt of court. It is possible to face fines and even be jailed if you fail to face the orders issued by the judge.

The best places to exchange custody of your children

Handling a child custody agreement is easy for some people and very different and even difficult for others. There's a lot that goes into making sure a child custody agreement works for both parents. One of the most important parts is finding a safe and comfortable place to exchange custody of your children. These locations need to work for both parents involved. You will find some of the best options for child custody exchange in this post.

If the court orders a location where child custody exchange is to take place, you must follow this order each time the exchange is made. If you deviate from this order it could lead to additional court hearings that could hurt your child custody agreement.

Social media can hurt your divorce proceedings

Social media has become a popular form of communication for billions of people all over the world. It is used to keep in touch with old friends, family members living thousands of miles apart and to simply share stories. But, social media can hurt your divorce proceedings immensely, especially when it comes to the property division part of the process.

Social media posts can get you into a lot of trouble with your soon-to-be former spouse when going through a divorce. Why? If you are negotiating what property or assets will remain with you or go to your spouse, you will want to refrain from being derogatory on social media to your spouse.

Knowing the value of making informed decisions during a divorce

It is no secret that going through the end of a marriage can be a stressful and intimidating experience. If you and your spouse decide to part ways, you may be wondering about how the outcome of your situation may affect your future, and you might be in search of advice on what to expect from the process.

Like many others, you may have entered your marriage with the intent of staying together throughout life, and as such, being prepared for what comes next might seem a challenging feat. However, by seeking advice early on, you could find yourself in a much better position to seek a favorable outcome.

How to enforce the payment of child support

Child support is an important part of many child custody agreements in West Palm Beach. Having to raise your children on just one income, or only via child support payments, can be very difficult. You might not be able to pay for food one week or put clothes on their backs the other. Either way, if you have been awarded child support, you need to understand how you can enforce the payments being made.

If the person paying you child support has failed to make payments recently, they are said to be in arrears. If this happens, the court could come down hard on the person responsible for making the payments. Just know that the person in arrears could wind up requesting a reduction in the amount they are required to pay if they have come into a hardship.

Examining the importance of alimony

Alimony is a term that the majority of people have heard and understand even though they might never receive it in their lifetime. This term becomes very important when you or your spouse files for divorce. Why? Because it's possible that alimony could be awarded in your case. Let's take a look at why alimony is so important in today's post.

One of the biggest reasons why alimony is important is that it helps people who are struggling to fend for themselves after the divorce is finalized. These payments are awarded by the court to the spouse who might not have a job, might have to go back to school, might not have a place to live or may struggle from other financial issues because of the divorce.

How to tell your kids about a shared custody arrangement

When a custody agreement is created, its main goal is to provide the children with the best possible situation. Custody is never an easy topic for parents to discuss with each other, let alone their children. When a shared custody agreement is put into place, you need to explain it to your children. There's nothing to hide. Make sure they know the agreement and how everyone is going to work together.

The first way to explain shared custody to your children is to explain the change in their life. If their living arrangements are changing, make sure you provide a clear explanation of what is happening and why. This needs to be a calm, loving conversation between you, the other parent and all of the children.

Inheritance is considered separate property in a divorce

Has your marriage struggled to maintain a healthy level? Do you realize that there is no way to fix the issues you and your spouse have? If so, divorce is likely the next step if you have already gone through counseling. As you work through the divorce process you will begin dividing assets. One asset that is always considered separate property is an inheritance.

Why is inheritance considered separate property? For the most part, inheritance is separate property because of the laws that govern how a person can inherit money upon the death of someone else. The person who received the inheritance from their family member is the sole owner, even if married, preventing it from being split between a divorcing couple.

Is your spouse trying to undermine Florida divorce proceedings?

If you're currently preparing for divorce in a Florida court, you may have several critical issues on your mind. If you're a parent, then your children's best interests are an obvious concern. There are typically numerous issues to resolve, such as those involving custody agreement, visitation schedule or child support payments. Property division is also a high priority issue in most divorce cases.

Florida is an equitable property state, meaning a judge will determine how to fairly divide your marital assets, although the split may not be 50/50. If you think your spouse is trying to gain the upper hand in such proceedings, perhaps by hiding assets, you'll want to arm yourself with as much evidence as possible before stating your claim in court. There are several common signs of a hidden asset problem that may be relevant to a particular divorce case.

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