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Holiday custody details are essential in a parenting plan

One of the most important elements in a divorce when there are children involved is developing the parenting plan. One of the key elements of a parenting plan involves holidays.

Most family law attorneys recommend that these plans be as specific as possible. Even if you and your spouse are getting along fine and think that you'll always be able to work out holiday custody and visitation, you never know what will happen in the future.

The impact of teen daughters on their parents' marriage

Some of our readers may have heard about a recently-published study that indicates that parents who have a daughter before a son are more likely to divorce during their daughter's teen years than those whose first-born is a boy when he hits that stage of life.

This isn't a new theory, and it's been contested in some circles. However, researchers in this study had access to more comprehensive information than others have. Let's take a look at that study and some possible reasons for that phenomenon.

What do you do if you can't appear for a scheduled hearing?

Most divorcing couples work to resolve their issues, with the help of their attorneys, without going to court. However, sometimes -- particularly when it comes to child custody and support matters -- they need to take the matter to a judge to resolve.

Even if child custody and support issues are settled relatively amicably during a divorce, one or the other parent may request changes that the other one denies -- sending them into court years after the break-up.

Feeling blue about your retirement when facing a gray divorce?

Divorce is difficult, no matter how old you are, the ages of your children or where you are in life. Many older Florida couples can testify to this as divorce becomes more common for people over the age of 50. This trend of an increase in divorce filings for older couples goes by the term gray divorce, and it can have a significant financial impact on both parties.

If you are facing the prospect of a divorce later in life or after you have been married for decades, you would be wise to act quickly to protect your best interests. With support and experienced guidance, you may be able to minimize the impact that your divorce will have on your retirement plans.

Custody and support considerations for special needs children

Rearing a child with special needs can be difficult for parents. It's not uncommon for them to feel guilt about their children's conditions, no matter how misplaced that guilt may be. Parents often blame themselves or their child's other parent for any disabilities. Many times, one parent (often the mother) bears the brunt of the extra care required for the disabled child.

It's not surprising that parents of special needs children have a higher divorce rate than other married couples. When these couples divorce, there are often additional complexities regarding child support and custody that need to be considered.

Who needs to file qualified domestic relations orders?

If you have never been divorced, chances are good that you have never heard of a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO). Even among divorced Florida residents, not all will need to file QDROs. But those who do need them will be unable to access any of a former spouse's retirement pension benefits without one.What are QDROs?

These court-approved orders assign some or all of a participating employee's pension benefits to another person. The alternate payees may only be spouses, former spouses, the plan participant's children or other dependents.

Don't let divorce jeopardize your job

When you're in the thick of a divorce, no matter what you're doing, the details and emotions of it are likely never far from your mind. This can impact how well you handle every aspect of your life -- including your job.

The last thing you need during a divorce is to lose your source of income. Therefore, you need to find a way to prevent everything you're dealing with in your personal life from impacting your performance at work.

Be careful when buying a home during a divorce

You're in the middle of a divorce, but you've found the home of your dreams where you want to begin your new life. Maybe it's a small condo, a cozy beach cottage or a home closer to work or family.

Buying a home is always a stressful endeavor, but doing so before your divorce is final can be particularly complicated. However, if you have the resources, with the proper legal guidance you can do it.

3 concerns you may have as you face divorce

Whenever you enter a new chapter in your life, you likely have questions about what this new phase may entail. When it comes to many life events, you may know someone who has faced the situation before and could provide friendly advice. However, you may face some events better if you obtain advice and insight from professionals rather than family members or friends.

One life event that could benefit from such assistance relates to ending a marriage. If your divorce proceedings are set to begin, you may have many questions and concerns. Though most people know someone who has gone through divorce, each case differs, and as a result, their personal insight may not suit your circumstances. However, speaking with a professional may allow you to gain unbiased and useful answers.

What if your ex-spouse won't obey the divorce decree?

What do you do when you finally get through all the wrangling and haggling of divorce and have everyone's obligations and rights spelled out on paper, but your ex-spouse is acting like all those orders are somehow optional?

The answer depends largely on what orders are being ignored and how much the issue matters to you.

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