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Representing Individuals In High-Asset Divorce

While there are many matters that need to be addressed in the course of a divorce, for most, how assets will be divided is one of the most important. In the state of Florida when a couple divorces the assets accumulated in the course of the marriage will be divided in an equitable manner. Before that can be done, however, all marital assets must be accounted for.

If you and your ex accumulated a lot of assets throughout the course of your marriage, great care should be taken to make sure that everything that should be included in this decision, is. I understand the importance of securing a good financial settlement and what needs to be done to get it. From my West Palm Beach firm, The Law Office of Jonathan D. Wald, P.A., I help area residents navigate the division of assets associated with divorce.

Understanding How To Effectively Use Other Professionals In Divorce

Depending on the wealth accumulated by the couple divorcing, a wide variety of assets may need to be divided. Among other things, the list could include bank accounts, retirement accounts, partnerships, businesses, stocks, investment portfolios, homes and vehicles. In the course of dividing these types of assets, bringing in other professionals, in addition to a lawyer, may be helpful. I understand when it makes sense to call experts in other fields such as forensic accounting. Among other things these professionals could be helpful in matters such as providing a valuation of business assets or uncovering hidden assets.

Start The Next Stage Of Your Life In A Good Place Financially

The financial settlement you secure at the end of your divorce can make a big difference in the next chapter of your life. Accordingly, it is important that you receive all that you are entitled to receive. For help from an attorney with this complex process contact me online at The Law Office of Jonathan D. Wald, P.A., or call me toll free at 888-895-9027.