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West Palm Beach Asset Valuation Lawyer

Navigating a divorce as a business or property owner can add an additional layer of complexity to the process. A committed and experienced attorney can help you and your spouse classify and value these important assets in an effort to obtain a fair and legal outcome.

Determining the value of the business or property can be a complex process. There are a variety of factors that must be considered when identifying, valuing and dividing these valuable assets. First, we will classify the assets as marital or nonmarital. After which, we will be able to value the assets and determine how best to divide them and deal with any related debts or other liabilities.

Marital Assets

This area of family law can be confusing. As a knowledgeable Florida lawyer, I am determined to help my clients navigate this process by offering personalized attention and thorough legal analysis and guidance. Each divorce is unique and I am dedicated to giving my clients the advice and tools they need in order to plan for a stable future.

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