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Property Division

West Palm Beach Property Division Lawyer

Florida is a “no fault” divorce state in which assets that spouses acquire during their marriages must be split equitably.

Although the word “equitably” might lead one to assume that a division of assets will be equal, that is not necessarily the case. In general, a divorcing spouse is allowed to keep the assets he/she owned before getting married, but the assets that were acquired with the other spouse while married are considered “marital assets” to be divided however a judge sees fit.

Likewise, any debts divorcing spouses acquired during their marriage may be divided, regardless of who spent the money.

I am attorney Jonathan D. Wald, an experienced West Palm Beach, Florida, property division attorney who works hard to create positive outcomes for his clients. For more information about my property division representation or to schedule an initial consultation, contact me online or by calling The Law Office of Jonathan D. Wald, P.A., at 561-328-0718.

Helping Clients Keep What Is Theirs

When possible, I encourage my divorcing clients to settle their division of assets issues out of court. Why? Because:

  • It can save money. Divorcing spouses can save significant amounts of money in attorney fees and court costs by seeking a negotiated settlement.
  • It can save time. Often, divorcing spouses can settle their affairs in a few days – or even less – with the help of an attorney who can draft a fair settlement document.
  • It can save grief. Many divorcing spouses underestimate the emotional and physical toll a divorce can exact on them and their family members. My clients can limit the damage by avoiding a protracted and acrimonious court action.

I understand that not all marriages can end agreeably. If a settlement is not possible, I can advocate aggressively for my clients’ interests in courts of law. As all Florida divorces must go through mediation prior to a trial, I can represent my clients’ interests before and after their mediation processes, and in any subsequent court proceedings.

Further, I am a licensed mediator who accepts referrals from other attorneys in helping divorcing couples reach mutually acceptable terms.

At Jonathan Wald Law, in West Palm Beach, Florida, I work hard to bring my clients results. When necessary, I bring in investigators, forensic accountants and mental health professionals to help me uncover evidence that can help my clients meet their financial goals in negotiations or in court.

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My goal is to help my clients keep as much of their money, property and visitation rights as possible so they can move on with their lives once their divorces are final.

For more information, or an initial consultation with an attorney, contact my law office online or by calling 561-328-0718.

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