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West Palm Beach Mediation Lawyer

In Florida, mediation is mandatory for a couple who is seeking a divorce. Before either party can go to court, they typically must attend mediation prior to seeking relief from the court. This process is generally where more than 95 percent of cases resolve. It is important that you have an experienced negotiator on your side who is also prepared to go to court if the negotiation and mediation process is not successful.

I am also a certified Family Court Mediator. I am often hired by other Family Law Attorneys to assist with the settlement and resolution of the disputes of their clients.

Compassionate Divorce Mediation Attorney

At my firm, The Law Office of Jonathan D. Wald, I offer mediation for parties who have their own attorneys and for those who do not. I am also able to serve as a lawyer for an individual who is working with a mediator. If used to its fullest extent, mediation is a method of completing a divorce dissolution outside of court. In some cases, both parties are able to avoid court by agreeing on how to handle all of the following issues:

In other cases, many couples can agree on most topics, but not agree on others. While the latter may not be considered an uncontested divorce, a mediator can help you navigate as many or as few issues as an individual needs. Mediation is a cost-effective, efficient way to navigate the complexities of a divorce.

I offer a compassionate approach and an understanding ear as I help each of my unique clients through the divorce process. By listening closely to your goals and concerns for the future, I am able to help creatively craft a divorce decree that best supports a happier, more successful life for you and your children.

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