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How to find an offshore account in a divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2019 | High Asset Divorce

Are you preparing to file for divorce in West Palm Beach? If so, you will want to know everything that is required for disclosure. Each spouse will need to sign a financial disclosure that lists all of their joint and individual assets. What if your spouse is hiding assets in an offshore account? Today, we will discuss how you can find hidden offshore accounts, so you are able to share in all of the assets from the marriage.

It is incredibly easy to hide an offshore account, especially with the help of technology and the internet today. These banks are accessible from anywhere in the world, and most of them allow you to access your money from any ATM across the globe. This means that your spouse can withdraw money wherever they are without you knowing about it.

One of the best methods to find an offshore account is by reviewing the tax return of your spouse. Since 2009, offshore banks are no longer allowed to keep their clients confidential and must report the investments made by their customers offshore. All of this came about as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) began cracking down on offshore investing.

A forensic accountant will be able to help you find an offshore account held by your spouse. They can review evidence you provide them and investigate the banks where possible offshore accounts could be held.

Finding an offshore account hidden from you is not easy. That’s why it’s best to work with an attorney as well as a forensic accountant. Doing so can help find any and all offshore accounts, as well as any other assets being hidden in accounts in the United States.