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Exploring parental kidnapping

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2019 | Child Custody

Parental kidnapping is a serious crime not only in Florida, but also throughout the country. It is possible for a parent to kidnap their child. This often happens in families where there is a child custody agreement in place. It also occurs when one parent decides to leave the home with their child, doesn’t tell the other parent and does not return.

If you are thrown into a parental kidnapping situation, it is best for you to call 911 immediately. Law enforcement usually does not get involved in family problems, but the kidnapping of a child is different. Depending on where the child is taken, there could be multiple jurisdictions and agencies involved, including the FBI.

When your child is found and returned to you, be sure to visit the family court that issued the child custody order so you can have it changed. You will want to fight to have the order altered in an effort to prevent this from ever happening again.

Once the child custody order has been modified, violations of it can lead to serious fines, time in jail, the total loss of custody for the other parent and even the loss of visitation rights.

As you can see, parental kidnapping is a real danger for families. It is in your best interest to update the child custody order you have and make sure it is followed by you and the other parent. If you have any worries or fears, request for the order to be changed or to file a restraining order against the other parent.