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Emotions are bad for divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2019 | Uncategorized

Emotions, they are a big part of life. Sometimes it is hard to turn them off, but there are situations when it would be better if you could. Divorce is one of those situations. Ending a marriage is far from easy and it’s usually an emotion-filled affair. When feelings are in control rather than rational thought, though, you may end up with a divorce settlement that does not serve your best interests.

So, how should you treat divorce then? Experts agree that dissolving a marriage should be looked at the same way partners look at dissolving a business. How can Florida residents who want to walk away from their marriages do this?

First, do not rush the process

When wanting to get out of a partnership, wanting it now is understandable. No one wants to drag out dissolution proceedings any longer than they have to. However, rushing through the process often results in the making of questionable decisions that will result in poor settlement terms.

Second, be present

It is easy to let an attorney take the lead in your divorce, but you can help yourself by being present and taking an active part in the process. Your spouse and his or her attorney will not be looking out for your best interests, and your attorney cannot help you get what you want if you are unwilling to advocate for yourself.

Third, keep goals in mind

Before really digging into divorce proceedings, think about what you want to get out of it. Think about what you are ready to fight for and what you are willing to let go. When creating your divorce goals, be sure to think about how they will affect you long-term. The settlement terms you end up with may affect you for years to come, so make sure your current goals will help you achieve your long-term goals.

Checking emotions at the door is best for everyone

Divorce is personal and it can be hard to take. Dissolving a business can feel that way, too. However, in marriage and business, fair and balanced settlement agreements can only be reached when emotions are set aside and full focus can be put on the task at hand. It is okay to have your feelings and express them in the right place and time, but when it comes time to negotiate or litigate various divorce issues, it is simply best to check emotions at the door.