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Reasons to request a child support modification

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2019 | Child Support

You are required to follow the terms of a child support agreement that has been issued by the family court. This means that you must issue payment to the other parent of your child according to the court order. If there ever comes a time when you cannot make payments, for whatever reason, it’s important that you speak honestly with the other parent. Here are some reasons why you can modify a child support order.

The most common reason to modify a child support order is when the person paying the child support experiences a drop in their income. A loss of a job, a large financial loss or any other monetary problem can lead to this requested change. This also includes having to spend a lot of savings on medical care if the person paying the support becomes seriously ill.

At the same time, a child support order can be modified when someone experiences a change in income positively. The recipient can make the request to have the payments increased if the obligor receives a large substantial inheritance or a promotion at work.

Another reason for requesting a child support modification is the increased needs of the children. As they age, they might need braces, take part in sports or have other large financial needs that need to be paid. The custodial parent might request that the noncustodial parent increase their support payments.

Modifying a child support order can help you when things change in life. Make sure you are honest with the other parent and file the appropriate documents for the modification, so it is handled through the correct channels.