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Medical expenses are a key component of child support

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2018 | Child Support

If you’ve been ordered or agreed to pay child support, you’re likely expected to pay for some, if not all, of your child’s medical expenses. In most cases, this will include any expenses above and beyond what your insurance covers, such as deductibles and copays. It may also include the cost of procedures and treatments not covered by your insurance policy.

If you and your co-parent are splitting these expenses, your child support order may state the percentage that each parent is responsible for. If your child develops a medical condition after the support agreement is put in place that is extremely costly or has a treatment or procedure that’s not medically necessary, they might want to add that to the support order and detail how expenses will be split.

Including language about medical expenses in your child support agreement is crucial. However, if you’re the parent receiving child support, getting reimbursed for the medical expenses you’ve paid for from your co-parent can be another battle entirely.

Often, the parent who regularly takes the kids to the doctor or rushes them to the emergency room when they’re injured and makes the copayment at the doctor’s office or hospital isn’t the one ultimately responsible for the expense. That’s why it’s essential to maintain accurate records and have good communication regarding these bills.

Keeping all of your receipts and bills is key. So is notifying your co-parent of the expense and providing them with copies of these documents. Co-parenting apps like OurFamilyWizard include platforms for shared expenses. Parents can upload bills and receipts. If an app has an online payment system, parents can reimburse each other electronically. Apps can help track when expenses are incurred and when they’re reimbursed.

Failing to pay agreed-upon medical expenses can carry penalties, just as failing to pay regular monthly child support can. If your co-parent isn’t meeting their obligations for your children’s medical expenses and you haven’t been able to resolve the issue on your own, talk to your Florida family law attorney to determine what your options are.