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What exactly is an uncontested divorce?

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2018 | Uncategorized

If you and your spouse want to end your marriage and move on, but you do not want to hash things out in court, the good news for you is that you do not have to. There are options for couples who wish to handle the situation quickly, quietly and without all the drama going to court can bring. One option available to Florida residents is the uncontested divorce.

Some couples go into the divorce process knowing exactly what they want to get out of it. They have talked things through and they have a plan for how they want to split their assets, divide time with their children — if applicable — and handle any financial support issues. It is these couples who should file for an uncontested divorce.

Pros, cons and things to consider

As is true with just about everything, there are pros and cons to utilizing an uncontested divorce. The main advantages of going this route are:

  • It can save you time.
  • It can save you money.
  • It is generally no or low conflict.
  • It ensures that your private matters stay private.

The biggest disadvantage to an uncontested divorce revolves around the fair settlement of complex issues. Many people think that an uncontested divorce is something they have to figure out all on their own. When they do, they may make decisions regarding their assets and children that may not be fair to one party or the best for anyone. The good news is, if you choose to file an uncontested divorce, you can retain legal counsel to review your settlement terms before you make anything official.

An uncontested divorce is not right for everyone. One should not use it as a way to walk all over one’s spouse. It would not be a good fit if you and your spouse cannot or are not willing to negotiate or openly and honestly communicate with one another.

Divorce does not have to be a long, drawn-out fight in court. It doesn’t have to take months of fighting and back-and-forth negotiations. If you and your spouse both know what you want out of the process, you can turn to legal counsel to help you draw up an uncontested divorce settlement that meets your needs and wants, then file and move on.