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Should my support order change if my finances changed?

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2018 | Uncategorized

As a person who walked through the divorce process, you understand that the end of your marriage can bring significant changes in your life. Simply because the process is final does not mean these changes will also stop. In fact, some Florida readers may find that major life changes continue to happen, even affecting their financial stability.

If your post-divorce circumstances have changed and you find you are no longer able to maintain your financial obligations according to the details of your support order, you have options. There are legal ways to approach these concerns, and it may be possible for you to secure a modification of your support order.

Who can get a modification?

Not everyone who wants to change his or her support order will be able to get a modification. However, you have the right to explore this option, which can start simply by seeking an explanation of your options and how the process works. Consider the following facts about modifications to support orders:

  • Modification may be possible if the current terms are unreasonable or unfair according to your current circumstances.
  • A modification is more than just an agreement between the two parties — it is a legal procedure and requires approval from a court.
  • It may be possible to secure a temporary change to your support order if you are dealing with an emergency for a period of time.
  • Job loss, a relocation, remarriage or the needs of other children could be valid grounds to seek a modification.

As the supporting, non-custodial parent, there could be reasons why it may be important for you to seek a modification to your current support order. However, you may find it helpful to remember that the custodial parent can also seek a modification to increase the amount of payments.

Protecting your rights

What you are able to pay in child support has no bearing on your legal rights as a loving parent who wants to have an active role in the life of his or her child. If you need a modification, you have the right to seek this without fear that you will lose some of your parenting time.

Changing your support order could be a reasonable step for you, but it is smart to take certain steps to protect your interests during this process. It could be prudent to have experienced guidance as you walk through the necessary steps of seeking the changes you need after your financial circumstances changed.