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Protecting yourself against the threat of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2018 | Blog

The threat of domestic violence of any kind is stressful and emotionally challenging for every member of your family. If you are dealing with this issue and want to take steps to protect yourself against this threat, there are legal options available to you.

Domestic violence is a very serious legal issue, and there are various types of legal protections available to the men and women who want to prevent others from stealing their peace of mind and safety. Through a restraining order or other types of orders of protection, you can take a definitive step to shield yourself from continued stalking, harassment and other types of threats.

What type of order do you need?

Domestic violence is a term used to describe various types of behavior used by one family member to threaten or harm another person in the family. These issues often come to light when spouses or partners disagree over issues related to divorce, child custody and more. This can include physical violence, the threat of violence, emotional abuse, stalking, harassment and more.

If you are dealing with these issues, this is not something you must endure in silence. You have the right to take steps to secure legal protection through a specific type of order. Some of the options that might be available to you include:

  • Protection order: A protection order prevents a person from doing certain things, such as contacting you or coming near you. It can also mandate surrender of firearms or counseling.
  • Emergency protection order: This might be available if you need immediate protection. It might involve the forcible removal of a person from the home or removal of weapons from the home.
  • Restraining order: This keeps a person from doing certain things, and often, these relate to contentious family law proceedings.

These are not the only options available to you. If you think you need a protection order, it might be beneficial to seek help regarding the right option for you.

Protecting yourself and your loved ones

When you have serious concerns about your personal safety, you have the right to take action. By seeking a specific type of protective order, you may be able to avoid additional complications. If you are dealing with domestic violence or the threat of it, you do have options for making it stop.