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Jurisdictions provide extra help for child support payers

On Behalf of | May 26, 2017 | Child Support

Parents who have been ordered to pay child support often face legal consequences if they do not provide the court-ordered money. In some cases, though, jurisdictions are trying to avoid jail time for unpaid child support. Instead, enforcement officials are trying a compassionate approach to help parents who need a hand with their child support requirements.

Family services organizations and the courts are attempting to work together to help parents stay involved in their kids’ lives. Parents who pay child support are more likely to provide the emotional and financial input that their children need to be successful. Some parents struggle to make their monthly payments in Florida, though, which is why some agencies work with a case management approach to promote families’ success.

Parents who struggle with drug addiction, health issues or a lack of education and employment may have difficulty making the monthly payments their children need. Courts and family organizations say they are experiencing success throughout the nation with a more compassionate approach. In nearby Georgia, courts are test-driving an 18-month program in which parents are paired with government coordinators who connect them with the resources they need to meet immediate and long-term goals. Child support payments consistently improve when parents are enrolled in these support programs, according to dedicated research.

Child support does not have to be a massive burden for payers. Those who are looking for child support modification or other assistance may benefit from the help of a qualified family law professional. These family members often have everyday expenses that simply overwhelm their finances. Meet your financial obligations and stay within the law with the help of your attorney.

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