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Infowars’ Alex Jones facing child custody case

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2017 | Child Custody

A family law case involving famous figure Alex Jones is bringing key questions about the political dynamo. Jones, who leads the well-known Infowars broadcast, is locked in a child custody case over his three children, ages 14, 12 and 9. The children’s mother says she is concerned about his fitness as a father because of his inflammatory statements on his popular show.

This case raised important questions about a public figure’s true nature. Jones’ attorneys argue that their client is simply playing a character in his broadcast – but his children’s mother disagrees. She says she is worried about his ability to be a safe, caring father because he has made violent remarks and threats on his broadcast. The parents will have their case heard in a Texas courtroom, where a jury proceeding is pending to determine who should have legal custody of the kids.

The judge in the case has said that the proceedings should not focus on Infowars or Jones’ outspoken political beliefs. She says that the case should be about what is best for the children in terms of physical custody and visitation rights, and that everyone in the courtroom must be reminded of this philosophy. Such high-profile child custody cases can turn into mud-slinging contests instead of legal proceedings designed to benefit children.

This high-stakes child custody case mirrors others that have occurred in Florida and other states. Even if you are not famous, you may face unique challenges with your child custody case, particularly if you are a performer who addresses a questionable or controversial topics. All parents – even famous ones – deserve to have their rights protected in child custody cases. A family attorney can help provide assistance for those who need guidance in their child custody proceedings.

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