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West Palm Beach Parental Relocation Lawyer

Maintaining a meaningful relationship with your child can be difficult when both parents live great distances from one another.

In Florida, the parent is generally free to relocate the primary residence of the child within 50 miles of where the child was located at the time of the original order. If this distance is greater than 50 miles, court approval is required, unless an agreement is reached between the relocating party and non relocating party. If the parties are not able to agree upon such a relocation of residence, there is a court process which the relocating parent must follow in order to seek court approval before moving the child. Failure to carefully follow the specific procedure can be fatal to a party’s desired relocation with the child or children.

Moving With Children

At my firm, The Law Office of Jonathan D. Wald, I help parents who are moving as well as parents who are opposing such a move. Parents move for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Career changes
  • New relationships
  • Schooling or college
  • To be closer to extended family
  • To manage an illness or injury

If a parent relocates outside of the 50 miles without obtaining prior approval, he or she could be held in contempt of court and a judge could alter the current parenting plan or time-sharing agreement. You must retain the services of an experienced lawyer before you decide to relocate or you could sacrifice your relationship with your child.

I am prepared to help my clients understand what constitutes as a legitimate reason to move while ensuring that they are respecting the other parent’s right to have access to his or her child. By carefully listening to your goals and concerns for the future, I can help you plan for the best outcome possible.

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