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Child support and getting remarried

Going through a divorce is difficult for everyone involved, especially when you have young children. If you are receiving child support from your first marriage, and decide to get remarried, what happens? Do you continue to receive child support? Let's examine how child support is impacted by the custodial parent getting remarried in today's post.

How to enforce the payment of child support

Child support is an important part of many child custody agreements in West Palm Beach. Having to raise your children on just one income, or only via child support payments, can be very difficult. You might not be able to pay for food one week or put clothes on their backs the other. Either way, if you have been awarded child support, you need to understand how you can enforce the payments being made.

Open a college savings fund using child support

If you recently filed for divorce from your spouse in West Palm Beach and you have children, you are likely wondering what you can do with any child support you receive. Child support can be used for just about anything when it comes to your child, including opening a college savings fund in their name.

Reasons to request a child support modification

You are required to follow the terms of a child support agreement that has been issued by the family court. This means that you must issue payment to the other parent of your child according to the court order. If there ever comes a time when you cannot make payments, for whatever reason, it's important that you speak honestly with the other parent. Here are some reasons why you can modify a child support order.

The impact of the federal shutdown on child support payments

The ramifications of the recent federal government shutdown may last for some time for furloughed employees and their families. Among those who could face legal issues in addition to financial ones are parents who pay child support.

Medical expenses are a key component of child support

If you've been ordered or agreed to pay child support, you're likely expected to pay for some, if not all, of your child's medical expenses. In most cases, this will include any expenses above and beyond what your insurance covers, such as deductibles and copays. It may also include the cost of procedures and treatments not covered by your insurance policy.

Tracking and reimbursing shared child-related expenses

If you and your co-parent are sharing custody of your children and you have roughly the same income, you may have decided to share child-related expenses rather than put a child support order in place. You may both have every intention of paying your fair share of things like school fees, clothes, medical expenses and more. However, sometimes the everyday realities of sharing expenses can get messy.

Why you can't deny visitation if your ex won't pay child support

You received primary custody of your children in the divorce, and your co-parent has generous visitation rights. He was ordered to pay child support. However, some months he doesn't pay the full amount or doesn't get around to making a payment until weeks after it was due. He's always got some reason, but you know that he could make the payments if he really wanted to do.

Tips for handling a child support hearing

If you and your co-parent aren't able to reach an agreement on the amount of child support, you'll have to take the issue to a judge to decide. Child support hearings often occur during divorce proceedings. However, if one of you later seeks a modification to the amount currently being paid, a child support hearing will be necessary if the proposed modification is challenged.

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