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Feeling blue about your retirement when facing a gray divorce?

Divorce is difficult, no matter how old you are, the ages of your children or where you are in life. Many older Florida couples can testify to this as divorce becomes more common for people over the age of 50. This trend of an increase in divorce filings for older couples goes by the term gray divorce, and it can have a significant financial impact on both parties.

Who needs to file qualified domestic relations orders?

If you have never been divorced, chances are good that you have never heard of a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO). Even among divorced Florida residents, not all will need to file QDROs. But those who do need them will be unable to access any of a former spouse's retirement pension benefits without one.What are QDROs?

Plan for the financial changes that occur during a divorce

When you go through a divorce, you fully expect that there will be changes that must be made. Many of the things that you have to do involve untangling yourself from your ex in all things financial. It is imperative that you do this so that you aren't faced with the possibility of having your ex sabotage you or impact your credit score.

What are my rights to property division in my Florida divorce?

Do you know your rights when it comes to dividing up your marital property in Florida? Too many people suffer through the property division process - and end up without the financial resources they need to remain solvent in the future - because they are not fully educated about their legal rights. Instead of being taken to the cleaners during your divorce, take the time to learn about your rights and options, and enlist an attorney to provide you with an even "deeper dive" into the information.

How Florida mortgages can be a headache during property division

Florida couples who are divorcing and dealing with splitting up a home should take care when they make arrangements for their mortgage. Property division is a tricky subject, and it can be even more difficult when it comes to real estate and other complicated holdings. In many instances, financial institutions are bound by laws that may trump your divorce decree, so it is important that you know exactly what your legal rights look like before you hand over any property obtained during the marriage.

Women: Do not lose out during property division

Going through a divorce is never a pleasant prospect. The idea of enduring a Florida divorce is only made worse if a complicated property division process is anticipated. Women who are concerned about their legal rights to joint property need the help of qualified attorneys to help assure the equitable division that is mandated in Florida courts. Too often, women lose out in the divorce because men hide assets or manipulate the process in their favor. Stop that from happening by taking some concrete steps to protect your rights to marital property.

Jurisdiction matters for property division in Florida

If you are looking to divorce, it is important to remember that the location in which you file has a significant impact on the way in which your property will be split up. Florida residents should know that property division is largely dependent upon the jurisdiction in which the divorce occurs. Courts in different states may have entirely different rules about even the most simple property division -- so it pays to choose wisely, right from the start.

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