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high asset divorce Archives

Dividing your frequent flyer miles in divorce

Even relatively amicable divorces where there are significant marital assets to be divided can be complicated. As you and your spouse work out who gets what properties, stocks, artwork, jewelry, antiques and good old-fashioned cash, don't neglect what could be a very valuable asset: your frequent flyer miles.

The financial 'silver linings' of divorce

Most divorcing people are prepared for the break-up to have a negative effect on them financially, at least in the short term. After all, it's less expensive to live with someone and share expenses like the mortgage than to live separately. However, there are some financial silver linings to be found in divorce -- particularly if you make wise decisions.

Why weight-loss surgery could lead to divorce

Recently, we discussed a Swedish study that indicated that women who gained considerable success after marrying were more likely to divorce than other women. Now another Swedish study has found that people (both men and women) who lost a substantial amount of weight after weight-loss surgery are more likely to divorce or have their relationships end than those who don't undergo surgery.

Study: A woman's success can increase her divorce odds

One of the great disruptors of marital bliss -- or at least relative contentment -- is when a large financial or status imbalance develops between spouses that wasn't there at the start of the marriage. Even in the 21st century, it seems that this imbalance is more damaging to a marriage when it's the wife who acquires professional success than when the husband does.

Is your soon-to-be ex hiding assets from you?

People in high-asset divorces often have considerable opportunities to hide assets from their spouses. It's not legal and it's certainly not right, but it can be done. That's why it's essential for spouses to do some digging if they suspect that a husband or wife hasn't been honest about their finances when required to disclose them during the divorce.

Ensuring your financial stability after divorce

When you divorce, even if you get a fair settlement, adjusting to your new financial situation as a single person is going to be challenging. You're no longer splitting housing and other expenses between two incomes. Even people with considerable assets find that their lifestyle needs to change after divorce.

Proposed Florida legislation would mandate marriage guide

Legislation proposed by Florida state lawmakers would provide some required reading for couples before they could apply for a marriage license. The legislators behind the bill, who include Jacksonville Republican Rep. Clay Yarborough, are seeking to lower the divorce rate in our state, even though it's already been steadily dropping.

Is your spouse hiding assets in cryptocurrencies?

The digital currency bitcoin has been around for awhile. However, the cryptocurrency that is held anonymously -- and still a mystery to many -- has gained significant media attention recently. Its value rose over a whopping 1,300 percent last year. The current price of just one bitcoin is over $15,000.

Florida woman fails to get guardianship of estranged husband

A retired South Florida politician who filed for divorce this past March from his wife of four years found himself faced with an unexpected situation. The following day, his wife took steps to get herself named as his guardian, claiming that her husband might have early-onset dementia. She asked to take over control of his care and his assets, including a monthly government pension of $12,000 and Social Security benefits.

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