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Tips for handling a child support hearing

If you and your co-parent aren't able to reach an agreement on the amount of child support, you'll have to take the issue to a judge to decide. Child support hearings often occur during divorce proceedings. However, if one of you later seeks a modification to the amount currently being paid, a child support hearing will be necessary if the proposed modification is challenged.

What kind of expenses should child support cover?

If you're a divorcing (or soon-to-be divorcing) parent, whether you'll be the one receiving or paying child support, it's essential to understand what kind of expenses it's intended to cover. Many people think that child support is only supposed to take care of a child's minimum necessities, such as clothing, food, housing and perhaps medical care and school supplies. However, it's much broader than that.

Could one shared system help states collect child support?

All states, including Florida, have systems in place for tracking down parents who are behind on making child support payments and methods of trying to get the money they owe to the custodial parents. However, states have still struggled with keeping their systems current as technology has advanced.

Custody and support considerations for special needs children

Rearing a child with special needs can be difficult for parents. It's not uncommon for them to feel guilt about their children's conditions, no matter how misplaced that guilt may be. Parents often blame themselves or their child's other parent for any disabilities. Many times, one parent (often the mother) bears the brunt of the extra care required for the disabled child.

What factors will cause a deviation in child support amounts?

Your child's other parent doesn't really receive the child support for his or her own use -- it actually belongs to the child. That's why both incomes are taken into consideration when determining the amount due to the child -- because the court wants to minimize the financial impact of the divorce on the child, not the adults.

Jurisdictions provide extra help for child support payers

Parents who have been ordered to pay child support often face legal consequences if they do not provide the court-ordered money. In some cases, though, jurisdictions are trying to avoid jail time for unpaid child support. Instead, enforcement officials are trying a compassionate approach to help parents who need a hand with their child support requirements.

What is the role of the state in child support enforcement?

Did you know that you can seek help from the state for collecting your child support? Florida officials maintain a variety of resources for those who need assistance with various structural elements of child support. Instead of continuing to worry about your financial status, why not rely on the state to help you recover the funds you need to pay the bills?

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