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child custody Archives

Establishing paternity key for child custody rights

What are the benefits of establishing paternity for your child? In this important child custody step, fathers can provide a significant amount of support for their kids, all with a few simple steps. Plus, paternity can help you in your child custody case, allowing you to get orders for shared time or even full custody of your children. Establishing paternity is critical for fathers who want to be involved in their kids' futures.

Infowars' Alex Jones facing child custody case

A family law case involving famous figure Alex Jones is bringing key questions about the political dynamo. Jones, who leads the well-known Infowars broadcast, is locked in a child custody case over his three children, ages 14, 12 and 9. The children's mother says she is concerned about his fitness as a father because of his inflammatory statements on his popular show.

Judge: Polyamorous family gets child custody rights

As the definition of a modern family continues to evolve, new laws and accommodations are needed to provide for children's well-being. A recent child custody ruling out of New York has the potential to shift the definition of "parent" for children in Florida and other states. In the first ruling of its kind in New York, a judge granted a polyamorous family - three adults - shared custody of their son.

What types of Florida child custody exist?

Did you know that there is more than one type of living arrangement for kids whose parents have been divorced? Child custody looks different for different Florida families, based on the physical, financial and other needs of their members. Today, we will talk about the two main types of child custody that you may seek after your divorce.

Father seeks child custody for son born to a married woman

A Florida man is struggling to regain custody of his son by challenging a state law that he sees as unfair. The man is the biological father of the boy whose mother was married to someone else at the time of his birth. Under Florida law, child custody rules name the husband as the child's "father," even if he is not biologically related. This is the second father to recently speak out about these shortcomings in the Florida law, which unfairly prioritizes those children who are considered born in "legitimate" relationships, according to the man's attorneys.

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