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Making the most of the holiday season as a divorced parent

If you're facing your first holiday season as a divorced parent, you're likely experiencing a mix of emotions. Even if this isn't your first December as a part-time single parent, the idea of not being with your kids for all of their holiday celebrations can be difficult. There are things you can do to make things easier for yourself and your children.

Learning to parent again after getting sober

Not long ago, we talked about how parents in recovery can work to get back parental rights and access they were denied because of their problems with alcohol. Greater custody and visitation rights, however, mean learning how to parent children whose trust you may have lost and who may have suffered emotional damage because of your drinking.

Appeal vs. modification: What's the difference in custody cases?

Child custody agreements are often changed by the courts and parents as circumstances change and as children get older and their needs evolve. Two terms that often get confused are "appeal" and "modification." It's important to know the difference.

Regaining access to your kids when you're in recovery

If your drinking and/or drug use contributed to the end of your marriage and a fractured relationship with your children, you're certainly not alone. However, many people with substance abuse problems need critical events like those to be the impetus for them to seek help.

Tips for easing time sharing transitions for your kids

Shared custody is becoming increasingly common for divorced parents. There are many positives for children in having both parents involved in their lives. However, the transition between homes, whether it's every few days, once a week or on some other schedule outlined in your custody (or "time sharing," as it's called in Florida) agreement, can be difficult for children -- particularly in the beginning.

When should you consider a 'split custody' arrangement?

One custody option that some parents with multiple children choose after divorce is called "split custody" or "divided custody." It's when each parent takes primary physical custody of one or more of their children, so the siblings aren't living together.

When should you consider modifying your parenting plan?

If your children were young when you and your spouse divorced, you likely assumed that the parenting plan you put in place would need to be modified at some point as your kids grew up. Children's needs change, as do their parents' circumstances.

What if your co-parent or child resists the visitation schedule?

Recently, we discussed the issue of people who withhold visitation from their co-parents because they aren't meeting their child support obligations. As we noted, support and visitation are two different matters. They're decided separately by courts, with children's best interests in mind. That means one parent can't keep the other parent from court-ordered access to a child because they're behind on child support.

Divorcing parents of toddlers have unique challenges

Parenting toddlers can be exhausting and frustrating, but also extremely rewarding. They seem to be learning new things every day. They're beginning to comprehend more about the world around them and to explore it within the boundaries set by their parents and other caretakers.

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