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Don't panic! Your kids' reaction to your divorce is normal

Whether you're simply contemplating ending your marriage or are in the midst of a divorce, one issue that's likely forefront in your mind is how it may affect your children. No matter how certain you are that a divorce is what's best for both you and your family, no matter how sure you are that you're working toward a brighter, more stable future for everyone, there's probably still a part of you that worries over how your kids will adjust and whether they'll be all right.

What can I include in my prenuptial agreement?

You may understand the benefit and positive aspects to drafting a prenuptial agreement, but you may not understand how this can benefit you specifically. These legal agreements are not only for wealthy Florida couples and those with valuable assets, they can also prove beneficial for couples of all income levels. A prenuptial agreement would provide you with a measure of security for the future.

3 concerns you may have as you face divorce

Whenever you enter a new chapter in your life, you likely have questions about what this new phase may entail. When it comes to many life events, you may know someone who has faced the situation before and could provide friendly advice. However, you may face some events better if you obtain advice and insight from professionals rather than family members or friends.

Choosing mediation could be a beneficial choice for eveyone

No matter how amicable two parties may be, every divorce can present challenges. There are many complex issues that you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse will have to address, and sometimes, it is not necessary to resort to a court battle to reach a final solution. For some Florida couples, mediation could be a good way to reach an agreement, navigate difficult issues and do all of this without stepping foot inside a courtroom. 

Benefits of preparing for child custody negotiations

If you and your spouse are considering divorce, you may have put a great deal of thought into the concept, especially if you have children together. The end of a marriage is often tough on kids, and you might want to protect them throughout this period, but the process can be complex.

Know what to expect to reduce stress over custody proceedings

Even when you know you are working toward a better and more stable future for you and your children, divorce proceedings are still a stressful time for everyone involved. For the majority of divorcing parents, the most worrying portion of the ordeal are the child custody proceedings. This is new and perhaps even frightening territory for many individuals who have never been in a court setting. You may find it helpful and reassuring to go into the custody proceedings as prepared as possible, knowing what you may encounter.

Do you know the 5 types of alimony awarded in Florida?

During your marriage, you may have felt comfortable in the way the finances were handled. Your spouse may have earned more money than you, or you may not have generated an income of your own at all due to caring for the children or other circumstances. While this arrangement may not have presented any issues while you and your spouse remained married, you may feel anxious about your financial situation now that you face divorce.

My finances have changed; should my child support order?

Child support is a critical factor in caring for your children after a divorce. If you are the non-custodial parent, you will be responsible for paying the custodial parent a certain amount of money in order to help with the various costs associated with raising children. The needs are different for each Florida family, and what you may have to pay depends on your unique situation.

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