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March 2018 Archives

Bird nesting: Is it the best co-parenting option for you?

When you told your children you were getting divorced, you likely encountered various reactions. Maybe one of your kids stomped off to his or her room, and then approached you in the middle of the night, wanting to know more about the situation. Another child may have wanted to hold a family meeting then and there to discuss upcoming changes and other divorce details. Like most good parents in Florida and beyond, you want what's best for your kids at all times, including (and especially) during divorce proceedings. 

Kids deal with divorce differently depending on their age

For divorcing parents, the battle over child custody and visitation may be even more contentious than their disputes over property and asset division. It's essential for parents to keep these battles away from their children. Whatever happens in your attorneys' offices or court needs to stay there. Don't bring it home to your kids.

Study: A woman's success can increase her divorce odds

One of the great disruptors of marital bliss -- or at least relative contentment -- is when a large financial or status imbalance develops between spouses that wasn't there at the start of the marriage. Even in the 21st century, it seems that this imbalance is more damaging to a marriage when it's the wife who acquires professional success than when the husband does.

Is your soon-to-be ex hiding assets from you?

People in high-asset divorces often have considerable opportunities to hide assets from their spouses. It's not legal and it's certainly not right, but it can be done. That's why it's essential for spouses to do some digging if they suspect that a husband or wife hasn't been honest about their finances when required to disclose them during the divorce.

What you should know about letting your child fly alone

With spring break upon us and summer vacation not far behind, many divorced parents will be putting their children on airplanes to visit their mom or dad who lives some distance away. If a child has never flown alone before, parents often feel some trepidation at this prospect.

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