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February 2018 Archives

Relocating after a divorce

After your divorce was finalized, you may have expected your life to settle into some new normal routine. Maybe you even longed for some familiarity amid the strangeness of being single again, finding a new home and adjusting to child custody schedules.

Ensuring your financial stability after divorce

When you divorce, even if you get a fair settlement, adjusting to your new financial situation as a single person is going to be challenging. You're no longer splitting housing and other expenses between two incomes. Even people with considerable assets find that their lifestyle needs to change after divorce.

Could one shared system help states collect child support?

All states, including Florida, have systems in place for tracking down parents who are behind on making child support payments and methods of trying to get the money they owe to the custodial parents. However, states have still struggled with keeping their systems current as technology has advanced.

Can you make your own parenting plan?

You and your spouse are splitting up, and you dread the thought of having a judge tell you what you're supposed to do with your kids. The two of you want to work together to come up with the best possible plan on your own. No one knows your kids like you do. Are you legally allowed to do so?

Is your spouse financially unfaithful?

Recently we addressed the issue of people who attempt to hide assets from their spouses in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Because of the anonymous nature of these currencies, they have been an effective way for people to avoid acknowledging all of their assets and therefore having to divide them with spouses in a divorce. However, there are many other ways that people can and do hide assets from spouses, both while they are married and when they divorce. Often, they hide debt.

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