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May 2017 Archives

Jurisdictions provide extra help for child support payers

Parents who have been ordered to pay child support often face legal consequences if they do not provide the court-ordered money. In some cases, though, jurisdictions are trying to avoid jail time for unpaid child support. Instead, enforcement officials are trying a compassionate approach to help parents who need a hand with their child support requirements.

Establishing paternity key for child custody rights

What are the benefits of establishing paternity for your child? In this important child custody step, fathers can provide a significant amount of support for their kids, all with a few simple steps. Plus, paternity can help you in your child custody case, allowing you to get orders for shared time or even full custody of your children. Establishing paternity is critical for fathers who want to be involved in their kids' futures.

Why women suffer undue impact during high asset divorce

There is little doubt that divorce is one of the most difficult life situations for men and women -- but you may be surprised to learn that women face more financial hardship in the wake of a breakup. High asset divorce can lead to a massive loss in income and savings for women, wreaking havoc on their financial health. No matter the value of the divorce, women are more likely to suffer from money woes.

Florida man's alimony case to be reconsidered by lower court

A Florida man has recently received a favorable court ruling after protesting a ruling about his alimony payments. The man had appealed his case to the 5th District Court of Appeals after a circuit court failed to adequately account for his various alimony payments. His case focused on the permanent, retroactive alimony that was enforced by the lower court.

Do you know the 5 types of alimony awarded in Florida?

During your marriage, you may have felt comfortable in the way the finances were handled. Your spouse may have earned more money than you, or you may not have generated an income of your own at all due to caring for the children or other circumstances. While this arrangement may not have presented any issues while you and your spouse remained married, you may feel anxious about your financial situation now that you face divorce.

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