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March 2017 Archives

Judge: Polyamorous family gets child custody rights

As the definition of a modern family continues to evolve, new laws and accommodations are needed to provide for children's well-being. A recent child custody ruling out of New York has the potential to shift the definition of "parent" for children in Florida and other states. In the first ruling of its kind in New York, a judge granted a polyamorous family - three adults - shared custody of their son.

What are my rights to property division in my Florida divorce?

Do you know your rights when it comes to dividing up your marital property in Florida? Too many people suffer through the property division process - and end up without the financial resources they need to remain solvent in the future - because they are not fully educated about their legal rights. Instead of being taken to the cleaners during your divorce, take the time to learn about your rights and options, and enlist an attorney to provide you with an even "deeper dive" into the information.

If you draft a prenuptial agreement, are you planning to divorce?

Planning to get married involves a lot of preparation. While you are thinking about everything from flowers to color schemes, it can be beneficial to make the effort to ensure the full and complete protection of your financial interests. This can be done by drafting a prenuptial agreement.

Man faces additional charges after fleeing child support payments

Failing to pay your financial obligations in Florida can have serious consequences - especially if you are considered delinquent in your court-related payments. One man found this out first-hand as he was fleeing child support enforcement. After he ran from officers who were attempting to serve a warrant related to his child support, he is facing additional charges of resisting arrest and battery on a police officer.

Secrets to success for your gray high asset divorce in Florida

If you are a married person over the age of 65 in Florida, you may have a higher chance of divorcing than you imagine. In today's economic climate - and with Floridians living longer than ever - many couples are splitting in their twilight years, spawning a high asset divorce phenomenon known as "gray divorce." Waiting until your children are grown and out of the house means that you will not have to worry about child custody and child support considerations, but you will have different concerns for your marital property. These include negotiations for a high asset divorce, where you may have had less property to distribute in your younger years.

Standard of living's influence on Florida alimony payments

Are you looking to maintain the same standard of living in the aftermath of your divorce? Many legal experts say that is just a pipe dream - no matter the amount of alimony, married couples still enjoy financial advantages that make it difficult to replicate standards of living after a split. As one obvious example, spouses who move to two different residences now must each pay a mortgage or rent, which poses a significant change from married life.

Making sense out of dollars: where money goes after a divorce

While the dream of many Florida men and women may be to marry and live happily ever after, things don't always work out that way for one reason or another. Husbands and wives whose dreams of marriage have turned into the reality of divorce may have questions about what's going to happen now.

Another legislative session, another debate about Florida alimony

In yet another chapter of Florida's ongoing spousal support debate, a state representative has filed a bill with the intent to change spousal maintenance requirements. Florida's state statutes for alimony distribution have been under fire for several years, though last year's attempt at reform was vetoed by Gov. Rick Scott. News reports show that Scott struck down the proposed legislation because of provisions that would have affected child custody proceedings in the state.

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